The IPcts from AYCTelecom has been developed with the small business in mind, unlike our competitors who try to adapt a larger business solution resulting in increased cost for the end user.

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AYC Telecom - IPcts Telephone System


The IPcts is ideal for the Small Business market. It has been developed with price being a major consideration however, there is no compromise where features and reliability is concerned. It has capacity for 8 incoming/outgoing lines and 25 user extensions and using the benefits of an IP Telephony system provides CTI, Voicemail, Music-on-Hold, Auto Attendant, LCR/ARS all built in, yet the price of the IPcts is comparable to other manufacturers basic analogue systems without any of the advantages of IP Telephony from 5 extensions upwards.

Being based on the SIP standard it ensures compatibility with other manufactures SIP telephone handsets. Again enabling a small business who is working to a budget, and may not need all the functionality of the IPcts system phone, to get all the features of IP telephony at a price matching their budget. There is even a single channel analogue to SIP converter enabling the use of standard analogue telephones that a customer may already have.

There are analogue, ISDN or IP trunk (or all three) interface connections from the IPcts to the public networks. This ensures the simplest, most feature rich and cost effective solution for the end user.

With the general user CTI system the IPcts has all its' features set free, making it one of the simplest IP Telephony systems to use in the market today. The Graphical User Interface of the CTI is so user friendly and informative it gives the user extreme confidence using it. There is also a Windows Operator Console version of the CTI system providing excellent visibility and usability for reception environments when deployed with the touch sensitive screen.